Thursday, March 31, 2011

15 Things A New Parent Should Know

This is an amazing website and a great place to start exploring it:

15. Treat the Thyroid

14. Start Ginkgo Biloba Now

13. Aggressively Treat Ear Fluid and Upper Respiratory Infections

12. Begin Now with a Kitchen Makeover

11. Become Professor Parent, PhD

10. Focus on Gut Health

9. Learn to Build and Support the Immune System

8. Don’t Wait for “Their Own Time.”

7. Pursue Speech, not Sign

6. Prioritize Behavior

5. Get a Neurodevelopmental Evaluation and Do the Program

4. Research the Vaccine Controversy for Yourself

3. Acknowledge and Treat Gene Over-expression

2. Beware of Creeping Low Expectations

1. Embrace Your Calling

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