Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 Down Syndrome Innovations Conference

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Integrating Reflexes Using Low Level Light Therapy

I am QRI certified to integrated reflexes using safe, effective Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Jett relaxing during a QRI laser session.

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Integrating reflexes improves speech, fine and gross motor movement, behavior, cognition and mood. Using QRI Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) allows the reflexes to be integrated faster and to remain in place longer. Reflex integration (RI) helps other therapies to work better. It's best to do RI before other therapies like PT, OT and ST.

A customized hour session could include: 

Prep Points 
Healing Sound Frequencies
Reflex Integration Protocols for 18 reflexes including Moro, Fear Paralysis, STNR, ATNR and more.
Additional Protocols concentrating on Speech, ASD, Movement, Sensory Integration, Brain Balancing, Stimming etc.

Clients include those with:

Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Learning Challenges
Movement Challenges
Speech Challenges
Behavior Challenges