Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changing Minds Foundation Protocol

Down syndrome is a very complicated genetic problem. The extra chromosome throws many processes of the body off. (400 at last count.) It's like trying to bake a cake when someone has gone in behind your back and added a bunch of extra stuff, replaced things with the wrong ingredients, etc. Researchers recently figured out what some of the extra stuff is (like too much baking powder, not enough salt, the wrong yeast, etc.). A good baker can tweak the recipe to compensate for the extra ingredients so that the cake will still come out light, fluffy and delicious. That's what the Changing Minds Foundation (CMF) protocol and Targeted Nutrition Intervention (TNI) does for our children.

So many different things can cause mental impairment in our kids (hypothyroidism, lack of oxygen in sleep, lack of REM, lack of production of dendrites in the brain, etc.) so we need to attack each one to prevent damage to their brains.

I use the Changing Minds Foundation Protocol for Jett as well as TNI. It is a list of supplements/ medications that has been gathered (a protocol) for treating a lot of the symptoms of DS.

The first imbalance you can right is through the use of ginkgo.... (I will tell you all about the other parts too, I just don't want to overwhelm you!!)

The website lays out the protocol. Actually more has been added but Teresa Cody hasn't made it all public yet. You can check out the Complete Protocol
here, that Jett uses and will be using.

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