Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nontoxic Toys

Safe Online Toy Stores
non toxic musical toys
Healthy Toys


Rattling Caterpiller $16 at blueberryforest
Selecta Sonello Jingling Baby Rattle and Grasping toy $16 at blueberryforest
Natural hardwood rattle $15 at

Grasping/Clutching Toys

Lamaze Peekaboo Clutch Cube $16 at Genius Babies, toys2wish4, novatechgadgets
Haba Allez Grasping Toy $25 at blueberryforest
Sassy Baby Soft Photo Album $8 at babyearth
Haba Bear in Ring $13 at blueberryforest
Haba Sunni Clutching Toy $15 at blueberryforest
Haba Triangle Grabbing Toy $11 at blueberryforest
Haba Ring Toy $13 at blueberryforest
Haba Soft Vegetable Set $14 at blueberryforest
Selecta Girali $14 at blueberryforest
Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder & Rattle Set $11-18 at babytoyyard, bed bath & beyond, babycatalog


Music Together Colored Egg Shakers — $2 each at musictogether
Woodstock Percussion Kid's Xylophone — $20 amazon, sillygoose
Edushape Clatterpillar — $12.95 babyoffice, gummylump

Dolls/Stuffed Animals

Eden Developmental Baby Doll in bold color $25 available on ebay
Dandelion Pink Organic Toy Baby Doll $13 from babyearth, littlejumpingbeans, thestorkwearhouse

Either a boy or girl would like:
Organic Plush Duck by Dandelion $20 at babyearth
Organic Plush Turtle by Dandelion $40 at babyearth
Organic Plush Panda by Under the Nile $14 at organicallybaby, undernile,
Organic Cotton Toy Giraffe $23 at greenfeet,

Stacking Toys

Musical Stack and Play by Tiny Love $20 amazon,, babyearth,
The Rainbow Stacker $4 from gamesabound, gkworld, babyearth
Haba Big Voyage Stacking & sorting pull toy $32 from blueberryforest
Selecta Turnello Stacking & Dexterity Mouse $16 at blueberryforest
Geometric Sorting Board $18 at babyearth
Educo Double Rainbow Stacker $18 at babyearth

Building Blocks

Plan Building Block On sale! $32.47 at
IQ Baby Knock Knock Soft Blocks $25-30 by Small World Toys, babytoyyard, geniusbabies, kidssurplus
Classic ABC wooden blocks $15 from melissaanddoug
Haba Sticki Bricks Building Blocks $33 from blueberryforest
Haba Cordoba Building Blocks $45 from blueberryforest
Haba First Blocks $29 at blueberryforest
Haba Discovery Blocks $25 at blueberryforest

Shape Sorters

Whose House Soft Shape sorter toy $30 at babygenius,
Shape Sorting Cube $15 at melissaanddoug, toysrus
Qubix Shape Sorter $12 at amazon or onestepahead
Plan Toys Pull Along Shape Sorter Train $19 at babyearth
Educo Shake 'n Match Shape Sorter $18 at babyearth

Maze Toys

Educo Double Bubble Suction Cup Bead Maze Toy $19.95 at,
Baby's First Maze Toy by melissandoug $10 at,
Cat wood & wire maze $9 at

Push Toys

Selecta Rollina Rolling Beetle $12 at blueberryforest


Haba Animal Den Softball $18 at blueberryforest,
Miyim Sensory Ball $10 at,
football or soccer ball at
Everlast sells a seven pound non toxic medicine ball.
Ape2Zebra sells a non toxic wooden ball.

Nesting Cups

Wooden Nesting Cups $22 at threesisters, amazon,

Pull Toys

Selecta Turella Pull Toy and Maze $32 at blueberryforest
Selecta Constructino Tool Box Dexterity & Pull Toy $57 at blueberryforest
Selecta Filino Cat and Doy Stacking Pull Toy $30 at blueberryforest
Plan Toys Pull-Along Caterpiller $18 at babyearth
Plan Toys Pull-Along Snail $18 at babyearth


Selecta Tiro Marionette dragon or kitty $14 at blueberryforest


3 years of age
Formina Wooden Puzzle at blueberryforest
Wooden Abacus $15 from melissanddoug
Infant Stimulation Toys- Gift Bundle $60 by Genius Baby Toys,
Haba Little Friends Playset $62 at blueberryforest


Fisher Price Bubble Mower $13 for boy at, or for a girl at
Walk N Roll $35 at fatbraintoys,

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