Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nontoxic Diapering Supplies

(Not all of these are organic... )

I've tried all of these and I prefer the pocket diapers because they are quicker to clean and dry and the covers are included. I recommend the Organic Fuzzibunz.

This is what a baby will need:

4 - 6 All-In-Ones/ Pocket Diapers
3 Fitted Diapers
2 Covers for nights (Polar Bummis /Happy Pants)
5 Covers - use with any cloth diapers
18 Prefolds
12 Diaper Inserts

Starter Sets
The Happy Heiny's Starter Pack includes:
(3) One Size Diapers
(3) Small Inserts
(3) Large Inserts
(5) Hemp Washies
(1) Heiny Wash - 4oz.
(1) Wet Bag

On Sale here $89 plus 15% off!

All-in-One & Pocket Diapers
Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper - $17.95 Amazon, target On Sale Now! $12 here. And $12 here. (I like all the colors/patterns, just avoid the trains and pink ones.)
On Sale here $12 (I like lavender daisies, but only for a girl.)
On Sale here $10.
gDiapers - $16.99
Rumpsters, Oh! All-in-One - $24
Happy Heiny Pocket Diaper — $ 17.95 Amazon
On Sale here for $11.50. (Only if a girl, it's pink camo)
On Sale here 15% off (about $17).
On Sale here for $12 size small.
On Sale here for $12 size medium.
On Sale here for $12 size large.
Organic All-in-One Diapers On clearance $12- 15 here.

Fitted Diapers
Crickett's Hemp Diaper $12.95 at Crickett's
Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper $11.66 (Amazon, Kissaluvs) On Sale Now! $9 here.
On Sale here $10.39. On Sale here $10.
Clover Fitted Diaper $16 (Global Enfant)
Bagshot Row Bamboo One Sized Fitted $25
Cloth Couture Fitted $15 (Cloth Couture)
Organic Fitted Diaper on Clearance $13.50 here.

Diaper Covers
(Need 2 Small, 2 Mediums and 1 Large)
These don't have to be organic since they don't directly touch baby's skin.

Imse Vimse Organic Diaper Cover Jungle S (11-17 lbs) $16 at Amazon
Little Beetle Organic Wool Cover in Snaps size 1 and 2.5 $30 at
Imse Vimse White Organic Diaper Cover $15 at
On Sale here for $16.
Bamboo Lite diaper cover $12 at
Bamboo Fleece Diaper Cover $14 at vitaminshoppe
Diaperaps Organic Cotton Diaper cover $12 at gigglinggreenbean
Hamco® Organic Interlock Cotton Character Applique Diaper Cover - Size 0 - 6 Months $9 at
Polar Bummi Diaper Cover On Sale here for $10.
Fleece Diaper Cover Clearance here for $8.
Organic Hemp Cover, medium On Sale here for $9.50.
Organic Hemp Cover, small On Sale here for $9.50.


Organic or 100% cotton, hemp, bamboo, velour or flannel would be great.
Gerber Organic Cloth Diapers 6-pk, White $11 at target, walmart,

Wash cloths will come in handy as well. From healthsuperstore, luckyvitamin, toysrus, target, bath gift set at target

Diaper pail
Washable diaper pail liners at
Wet bag at, On Clearance here.

Non-Chlorine, Organic Baby Wipes:
Your used, worn towels would be great to cut up and use!


Cotton Hemp Organic Baby Wipes 12 pack $24 at Sears
, amazon
Fuzzi Bunni Wonder Wipes 4 for $11 at toysrus, amazon
On sale 10 for $13 here.
Plus, 15% off your order!

Non Chlorine Disposable Baby Wipes

NaturaCare 50 count, less than $5 at healthsuperstore, organicpharmacy, luckyvitamin
Parent’s Choice at Walmart
Beaming Baby 72 count around $8 at bouncingbabyorganics,
Seventh Generation at Target or at

Diaper rash cream:
Best! Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment - $7.99 for 3 oz. Burt's Bees, Sears, Amazon
Weleda Calendula diaper cream at

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