Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toxin Free Babies

Since our babies are already born "compromised," it's best to try to avoid any additional strikes against them by providing the safest, healthiest environment possible. The following is adapted from the information at by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD with my notes added.

Above all else, your baby needs healthy food, your loving attention, daily walks in the fresh air and good sleep to thrive. We don't need to add man-made chemicals such as vaccinations and other environmental toxins to this already delicate mix.

Avoid all man-made chemicals in your baby’s care. No personal care products, even those that claim to be natural. Babies do not need to be washed with any soap or shampoo. Clean warm water is all they need. Soaps wash off protective oils from the baby’s skin and exposes it to drying out and invasion by pathogens. Use coconut oil, olive oil and homemade yogurt and kefir on diaper area or any dry skin. My pediatrician recommends pouring probiotics on a diaper rash, but yogurt works great!

Make sure that your home is as chemical free as possible: use water and vinegar to clean your house, natural bio-degradable laundry detergents and wash your baby’s dishes by hand (rinsing the soap off thoroughly). In the first year of your baby’s life try not to re-decorate your house or buy new furniture, new kitchen, etc. These things bring a plethora of toxic chemicals into the house which may effect your baby’s development. Avoid taking your baby to toxic places, such as chlorinated swimming pools, shopping centers and hospitals. Do not allow anybody to smoke around your baby or use excessive amounts of perfume.

Use natural bedding for your baby. Wrap your baby’s mattress in a waterproof mattress cover: if urine gets into some modern mattresses (particularly an old mattress left from your previous child), it may react with microbes and chemical ingredients in the mattress and release toxic gases.

On the whole, think what man-made chemicals, radiation or any other environmental dangers your baby may be exposed to and avoid them.

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