Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teach Your Baby Math

Very important and easy to do! Jett started this at 13 months and he loved it (at first)! Make sure you only do a couple a day because Jett got really sick of them quickly.
Read How to teach your child through the dot method from

Also, there's a free e-book about it on 

Making your own dot cards

You can make your own power point presentation and show the slide show or print them out. I just painted the dots with non toxic tempera paint on paper by "swirling" the brush into a circle. You can use a small "spouncer" (round sponge on a stick from a craft store) or dot stickers as well. He loves having the papers in front of him, plus, you want to avoid exposure to computers/electronics as much as possible. It's a good idea to keep some plants by your computer and printer at all times (away from baby!) to absorb the toxins they emit.

Free printable dot flash cards 

Reviews of Math Programs

BrillKids Math Program a computer based program

Numicon Math a hands on kit

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