Monday, March 28, 2011

Heal the Gut, Heal the Child

Restoring Intestinal Flora

by Konstantin Monastyrsky

Healthy intestinal flora is vital for forming stools, maintaining immunity, synthesizing essential vitamins, and protecting from colorectal cancers. After bacteria are damaged by antibiotics, laxatives, heavy metals, surgeries, or colonoscopies, fiber is broadly recommended to restore and form stools.

Unlike live bacteria, the dead cells of plants — which is what fiber is — can't perform bacterial functions, essential for humans. The loss of these functions contributes to impaired immunity, diabetes, obesity, hair loss, eczema, seborrhea, anemia, internal bleedings, ulcers, strokes, cancers, and common gastrointestinal, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders.

Despite all of these well known and thoroughly studied facts, the American medical establishment adamantly refuses to recognize the role of intestinal flora in health and longevity, and does everything possible to obliterate bacteria, starting at birth. Then, it profits enormously from treating the resulting diseases. This guide outlines the role of intestinal flora in human health and explains how to restore it.

Great for restoring internal flora:

Fermented cod liver oil

Oil & butter blend is best unless you have a good source of organic/grass fed butter source you can replace the butter oil with. I got the non flavored capsule and I just open it and squeeze it in his food... It smells horrid but he takes it fine...  Next time I won't get it in the capsule because it's an extra step.

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