Saturday, April 9, 2011

When to Teach Your Baby to Read

Once your baby is starting to move, his eyes start learning to work together and convergence (the eyes moving in sync) and depth perception are developed, this is when the brain learns to control the eyes.

If you see that your baby is having problems with convergence such as lazy eye or crossed-eyes, please see the post Exercises for Crossed Eyes.

According to neurodevelopmentalist, Kay Ness, once your baby has good central detail vision and convergence, he is ready to take in large amounts of information visually. At this stage, flashing cards with big pictures on them will fascinate him.

And, once your baby is identifying many pictures, it is time to introduce visual language: that is, sight words. Babies love to learn! Babies can learn to read and speak at the same time. The brain of a young child is "wired" to learn language and cares little whether that language is visual or auditory! Jett loves learning to read. Play is learning. And he greets every one of his flash cards with a big smile.

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