Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toys that Support Crawling

When your child is working on crawling (army crawl) and creeping (on hands and knees), toys that roll or glide across the floor may motivate your baby to give chase.

While nothing motivates a baby more than a possible snuggle in Mommy or Daddy's arms, rolling or push toys are also fun for the newly mobile baby.

Here are some non toxic selections:

Rolling Toys 
Plan Toys Roller
Grimm Blue and Green Baby Roller Wheel with bell and balls inside $40 at
Plan Toys Roller $11 at
When the brightly-colored roller moves, the wooden ball inside hits the panels and creates sound that stimulates both vision and hearing. Helps your baby make early learning, cause and effect associations (when this rolls, it makes sounds). Encourages babies to crawl after the roller, thus strengthening gross motor skills.

HABA Viva $18
Haba Viva $20 at HABA Viva is a brightly-colored, manipulative toy for babies. It is fun to press and collapse. Your child will also love the delightful little bell as it is rolled around. Safe for teething. Wooden parts threaded on elastic band. Made of beech wood and maple. Super fun and safe teething toy. Made in Germany. Child-safe and non-toxic.

Push Toys

Selecta Rollina Rolling Beetle $12 at blueberryforest

Non Toxic Balls

Peep A Boo at Amazon
Wonder world Peek-a-Boo Ball $20 at sears
Haba Animal Den Softball $18 at blueberryforest,
Miyim Sensory Ball $10 at,
Everlast sells a seven pound non toxic medicine ball.
Ape2Zebra sells a non toxic wooden ball.
non toxic/eco friendly golf balls $10 a dozen at ecogolfballs.comcorn ball, shopping info, health info
animal print tiger ball: shopping info, health info
giraffe print ball: shopping info, health info
football or soccer ball

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