Monday, April 4, 2011

Readeez: Songs Supporting Reading Free Download

Readeez makes songs that show the words at the same time they are sung. Really cute, fun songs too. Jett loves them!!

Since the first Readeez DVD was released in 2008, parents (and children of all ages) have been singing their praises. These are videos your kids will truly look forward to watching. And you'll want them to watch, as both phonics and sight words are taught automatically, elegantly, joyfully, with every syllable.

Readeez are a natural complement for parents using flashcards or online reading programs. In fact, a Readee is rather like a succession of flashcards, with the added mnemonic boosts of melody and rhythm. It's an immersive, intuitive way to improve your child's decoding skills, with an approach similar to the way babies learn to understand spoken language.

Free Sampler Download. If you've wondered what Readeez video downloads are like, or wanted to make sure they work in your favorite iDevice, you can now snag three of our best-loved vids in one file. Free. The songs? Modes of Transportation, Circle and Square, and Meet The Clock. One from each DVD. Free. Right now. Go get 'em!

Friday, May 13 is Official Galactic Release Day for Readeez Volume Three. Our latest collection will be available as a DVD (for U.S. and Canadian buyers) and worldwide as an Omneez digital video download—the format that plays on your computer as well as most iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and AppleTVs.

If I may be so bold: RV3 is a must-have for Readeez fans. New songs, new characters, special guest stars, more useful facts than you can shake a stick at—all presented in the signature Readeez style families dig so very much.

Instant Pre-Order Bonus: Want to see three brand new, available-nowhere-else Readeez right now? Just pre-order Volume Three (the DVD or the Download) for May 13 delivery and you'll get an instant download of three toe-tapping, word-reading tunes: Seven Fun-Filled Days, Great Big Drum and A Bunch of Months.

Introducing Olivia. Two of those new songs feature the talents of Casey McCann, founder/director of Atlanta's Eclectic Music. Casey provides the voice of teacher/librarian Olivia Longlife. She adds a bright, sunshine-y new timbre to the Readeez experience. Oh, and she's also my wife. (Casey is. Not Olivia. That would be weird.)

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