Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toys that Encourage Fine Motor Skills

Offering your baby toys to play with that involve manipulating simple objects will help him to increase his finger dexterity and fine motor skills.

He'll bang blocks together with delight, attempt to stack them up into tall towers or plunk them into containers only to dump them out and repeat the process all over again.

Please enjoy this list of non toxic toys to help hone his fine motor skills.

Also take a look at this post, Toy Review List, from Bill & Ria's blog where they review tons of toys and give you great ideas on fun and educational activities to do with your child.

Stacking Toys
Musical Stack and Play by Tiny Love $20 amazon,, babyearth,
The Rainbow Stacker $4 from gamesabound, gkworld, babyearth
Haba Big Voyage Stacking & sorting pull toy $32 from blueberryforest
Selecta Turnello Stacking & Dexterity Mouse $16 at blueberryforest
Geometric Sorting Board $18 at babyearth
Educo Double Rainbow Stacker $18 at babyearth

Haba Zoolina Blocks $29
Building Blocks

Plan Building Block  $32.47 at
IQ Baby Knock Knock Soft Blocks $25-30 by Small World Toys, babytoyyard, geniusbabies, kidssurplusClassic ABC wooden blocks $15 from melissaanddoug
Haba Sticki Bricks Building Blocks $33 from blueberryforest
Haba Cordoba Building Blocks $45 from blueberryforest
Haba First Blocks $29 at blueberryforest

Haba Discovery Blocks $25 at blueberryforest 
Stack and Build Animals $40 at lakeshorelearning
Bamboo Building Blocks $40 to $70 sets at lakeshorelearning

Shape Sorters

Twist and Turn Shape Sorter (pictured) $20 at lakeshorelearning 

Whose House Soft Shape sorter toy $30 at babygenius,
Shape Sorting Cube $15 at melissaanddoug, toysrus
Qubix Shape Sorter $12 at amazon or onestepahead
Plan Toys Pull Along Shape Sorter Train $19 at babyearth
Educo Shake 'n Match Shape Sorter $18 at babyearth 

Color Rings Sorting Board $20 at lakeshorelearning
Sort A Shape Activity Board $20 at lakeshorelearning

Stack and Count Learning Board $30 at lakeshorelearning


Maze Toys

Bee Maze Toy
Educo Double Bubble Suction Cup Bead Maze Toy $19.95 at
Baby's First Maze Toy by melissandoug $10 at,
Cat wood & wire maze $9 at

Colorful Nesting Cups

Nesting Cups

Wooden Nesting Cups $22 at threesisters, amazon,
Green Sprouts Stack Cup Set $5 at


3 Early Learning Big Knob Wooden Puzzles $30 at lakeshorelearning
Simple Shapes Wooden Puzzle Board $20 at lakeshorelearning 

Giant Knob First Wooden Puzzle Set of 4 for $40 at lakeshorelearning
I can count puzzle board for $20 at lakeshorelearning 

Simple Shape Board w/knobs $17 at lakeshorelearning

Plan Toys Clatter $18
Musical Toys

Hardwood drum $20 at lakeshorelearning
Preschool Rhythm Sets $42 at lakeshorelearning
Instruments from Around the World (pictured) $95 at lakeshorelearning


Natural Wooden Beads (ages 3 and up) $8 at lakeshorelearning 

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