Monday, April 4, 2011

Milestones: Standing

Golden Rule: Follow your baby's cues

It is important that the proper developmental steps are followed and at the appropriate time.

It is often tempting to have your baby stand up before your baby is able to put himself in and out of that position. Until your baby is able to do so, he is not developmentally ready to stand! He has not developed the muscle tone necessary for properly supporting his spine. So, no walkers, etc.

Proper muscle tone is necessary to keep from overtaxing joints and causing functional and structural problems later on. The only way to know if he is ready is to let him do it himself. And don't worry, he will! Jett tries to stand all the time. I let him move in and out of the position himself without pressure. I didn't stand until I was 14 months old, anyway.

Standing, done prematurely, will limit the appropriate developmental activities your baby should be doing, such as developing a cross pattern crawl and creep down on the floor.

So don't worry, creeping and crawling is more important for the brain than standing or walking. I know everyone will ask you if your baby can stand or walk, but just relax, it's not important that he does it at the same time as a typical child!

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