The medical aspects of our loved ones with T21 can be overwhelming. Here are some blog posts to help you in your journey to support the best medical care possible.

Common Conditions & Treatment

Treatment for Brain Health
These posts/links explain the latest treatment plans/ biomedical intervention. I have many posts exploring brain support, if you are new to this notion, it's best to stick with researching proven treatments that offer a lot of guidance. Our loved ones may all share an extra chromosome, but since every person is different; it's important to follow your loved one's cues & clues.

Supporting Articles

The Pioneering Work of Ruth Flinn Harrell: Champion of Children by Andrew W. Saul from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2004. Vol 19, No 1, p. 21-26.

Can nutritional supplements help mentally retarded children? An exploratory study. by Harrell RF, Capp RH,Davis DR, Peerless J, and Ravitz LR. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 1981. 78: 574–8.

A Metabolic Overview of Down Syndrome by Dr Robyn Cosford. Article starts on page 3 with the conclusion on page 6.

New Research for Treating Down Syndrome by Erica Peirson, ND. 2012 NDNR Naturopathic Doctor News & Review
Dr. Anju Usman's presentation on Exploring Options for Down Syndrome


All Medical Related Posts

DS Track at AutismOne Conference in 2012