Here are my posts on how I've been educating Jett at home, plus some videos showing our success.


At 4 years old, Jett got tested through the local school district and the psychologist was excited to tell me that Jett could do all the math, including adding and subtracting (using pictures and manipulatives -- the math "sentences" like 2+2=?, he didn't get all of those right, but he did get some right!) So, my math strategy is working! Not only because he is learning, but because HE LOVES MATH! These extensive posts explain what I've done.

Teach Your Baby Math

Teaching Your Young Child Math


At 4 years old, Jett tested as reading on a fifth grade level with mid-first grade comprehension. Here is a video of 4-year-old Jett speed reading.

Books to Read to Your Baby/Child

Teaching Your Baby/Young Child to Read

You don't have to teach your baby to read, but I've noticed with Jett, it opened up a whole world of additional stimulation. For instance, he can ride around in the cart at the grocery store and get a whole lesson on different types of foods without me having to do it for him. I must admit, I do like the attention he gets, but that's a happy by product. ;)

Teaching Your Young Child to Read High Interest Books

Jett Pretending to Read at 16 Months

Video of Jett reading at 19 months.


Handwriting Strategy

Teaching with Technology

My TV/Video Strategy and Recommendations

Some TV is Good for Our Kids

Foreign Language

I haven't had a change to finish my foreign language post, but Jett is greedily learning Japanese, Spanish and French.

Here's a video of Jett at 3 years old, reading a word in English, translating it to Japanese and then spelling the word using Hiragana, the Japanese alphabet.

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