Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jett "Reading" at 16 Months

I took a video of Jett last night "reading."
As you can see, he is turning the book right side up, opening it the right way, he skips the introduction pages and goes to the title page and "reads" it by pointing (with his thumb) to the words and vocalizing. Then he turns the page glances at the left side and then reads the wrong page first then stops and reads the left side and then the right side.
I had to stop the video because my husband laughed and Jett looked up and saw me and yelled for me to read it to him.
These skills he exhibits are strong indicators of reading readiness and the fact that he's pointing to single something out reveals a more mature understanding of two-dimensions (that you can't take it off the page like a real object, but it is a representation of a real object).
This video doesn't show it, but he points to a word and vocalizes and then the next word, so he recognizes 1) text as being different from a picture and 2) that a sound is associated with text. (I know he knows this, but it would be easy to argue that he's just copying my actions.) It's really hard to get a video of him because he loves your interaction and is interested in the camera, but I'm trying! In order to get this video, I had to hide around a corner and to put a book out that he's not allowed to read on his own (it's not a board book).
To encourage the love of reading, and promote reading readiness, I followed neurodevelopmental principles as well as supplementation to improve his retention and cognition as outlined in the related posts below.
Here's a video of Jett sight reading at 18 months as well as his attempts at writing/drawing:  And another of Jett reading 9 words in 1 minute 40 seconds at 19 months old. 

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Kris said...

Love it!

Kris said...

I really like how you provided a set of links to related posts. That is extremely helpful. Thanks!

Linda said...

i just now saw this and i love it. the sounds he is verbalizing are the same ones that my Livvy is saying....made me think of her. she is now 8 mos.