Monday, October 24, 2011

Alphabet Tactile Quilt

Here's the full quilt.
Yesterday, Jett got quite a treat! His grandmother gave him an alphabet tactile quilt that she designed and had been making for him for three years.

We spread it out on the floor and Jett went crazy with delight as he explored all the colorful ABC squares. The letters are made of rickrack so they are raised and he can feel them. The net has a little net to play with, the yoyo has a string and the egg is puffy to the touch.

My mother said that it was great to work on when she had a lot of nervous energy to expel while dealing with Jett's diagnosis.

Jett, of course, loves it! So I thought I'd share it with you along with the instructions on how to make it. My mother said she learned a lot in the process.

"Grammy's" instructions on how to make the quilt will be added soon.

At 19 months old, Jett is interested in writing so having letters that are raised will help him get a better idea of how letters are formed.

Our next project will be a tactile ABC book.

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K said...

WOW! Love your site!! Thank you sooo much for taking time to write and share all this info! Could you please post the instructions on making a quilt like this?!?! I hope I can make on to take to an orphan with ds whom I will visiting soon.

Andi Durkin said...

Hey Kaleigh,
Glad you like my blog! I see my mother today so I will try to write up the instructions for you and post them ASAP. Send me an email (go to my profile on right) so I can send you any patterns that I can scan. (If possible.) I'd love to see your version as well!