Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Lydia

I'm pleased to share with you a book review by a beautiful girl named Lydia, who is 9 years old and in 3rd grade. Lydia takes tap and jazz dance class, attends Girl Scouts and is excited basketball will resume in a few weeks.   She loves to swim, go on scary rides, and have sleep overs. Her best friend is Leah.  Oh, and Lydia has Down syndrome --T21. In this blog post Lydia's Success Story, Jane, her mom, explains to us what she feels has been most successful to help her child thrive. I'm excited for us to learn from her!

If you have trouble viewing, you can click here as well:

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Karrie said...

Love the video!!! When her mom shares her upcoming post, please share the link with us. That information would be so great!!!

Geralyn Spiesz said...

She is beautiful, how I wish I had a crystal ball!

jigsawtooth said...

Amazing little girl & mom!

Anonymous said...

hi, I am a research student and my thesis topic is " The role of mothers in the rehabilitation of children suffering from Down Syndrome". I was lucky to come across your story and am really inspired by the way you dealt with your daughter. The present state of your daughter is a proof of your hard work.
Consent Form
The purpose of the study being conducted is to learn about the role of the mothers in the rehabilitation of the children suffering from Down Syndrome in Pakistan specificaly Karachi.
While there are no direct benefits to the participants, it is strictly for educational and research purpose. There are no risks involved in participating in this study. I wish to include your child’s success story in my thesis if you allow .

I will be waiting for your response.

Andi Durkin said...

To the research student:
You have my permission to use my story. Please email me your final report.
Love and peace and joy,

(You can email it to Andi and I can forward it to Jane.)