Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vaccine Information Coalition

The truth is that our babies with DS are more at risk of adverse vaccine events than typical children because of the following issues which are scientifically documented in DS metabolism:
-Low immune system functioning
-Mitochondrial dysfunction, starting in utero
-Oxidative stress, starting in utero
-Immune system inflammation
-Heart issues.
-GI issues
-Autism rates of 2 out of 10.

Babies die after vaccinations
by April Renée & Linda Demos

Another baby dies today
The parents are devastated.
He was fine yesterday
When he was vaccinated.

This morning his mother found him
Lifeless in his bed.
She thought that he was sleeping
When she discovered he was dead.

How many more must die
Before we begin to see
That these vaccines are killing
In the name of immunity.

It hurts us to have to be so outspoken, but babies are dying after vaccines and we can't just hope it will go away. Dr. Patricia Jordan shares this link , showing 2 babies died after their shots.

My sister-in-law called me yesterday and told me a lady at her work lost her baby, after taking her child for the "well baby check-up" the day before. She had seen her at a restaurant that night and the baby was very cranky after getting its 2 month old vaccines. These babies do not have a choice and we have to be their voice!

There's times when I want to stop and live a normal life, since my baby girl is no longer here. Autistic children, who are already injured by the vaccines and having to receive more due to misinformed parents and perfect new born babies entering this world are what keep me going and exposing truth.

There's a reason you have been led to truth about the dangers of vaccines. VIC is a coalition, which means it's not just a few people and we ALL need to participate. The best way to wake up the misinformed masses is to help coordinate a presentation in your area, proving vaccines are not necessary. It's full of research and facts to help anyone choose to abstain, thanks to Mary Tocco and her long hard work to save these innocent victims.

Ingri Cassel from Vaccination Liberation has agreed to help update the presentation. We have an unedited version of the presentation on DVD, so if you're unable to schedule an event you can show it to a group of people. We are not charging for this one, but will use the final one to raise money for VIC.

We are already scheduled to present in a couple of Florida areas, NC and Texas and you can help by promoting these events if they are near you. We are also planning a tour of 4 cities in the fall, so we will add these to the website as soon as they are confirmed. Everyone can make a difference, by passing out the FREE "Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" business cards.

Together we will make a difference and Yah (aka God) bless,
April Renée & Linda Demos

Title Date City State Details
"Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" 8/4/2011 Hollywood FL More Info
"Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" 9/24/2011 Largo FL More Info
"Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" 10/21/2011 Shelby NC More Info
"Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" 11/13/2011 Dallas TX More Info

Schedule a FREE lecture by calling 800-939-8227 and we'll send you a flyer to promote the event! April Renée has a presentation titled "Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" or a longer event can be scheduled with Gary Tunsky, who is a Cellular Disease Specialist and reverses ALL disease "labels non-toxically.

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)
Autism is 1 in 67 children today and it's impossible to have a genetic epidemic!
Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate!
For more information visit or call 800-939-8227

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MD Smith said...

There is a great divide between the Government and parents. They love Merck who generate billions of dollars for vaccination liquids and we love our babies. So here we have it- the love for money VS. the love for our precious children.
And in my own personal case, they will not get my money or my children.

MD Smith
Lighthouse Productions